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Topics: Normal distribution, Statistics, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: May 19, 2008
I read Barron’s How to Prepare for the AP Statistics Exam. A very educational book helped a lot on the AP test. It clarified ideas that I was uncertain on. It helped me to understand when to use each test and the assumptions needed for each test. Type I and Type II errors were explained in such a way that they became crystal clear to me instead of muddy. Computer and Minitab outputs were thoroughly explained, and I became comfortable with them after reading this book. The Barron’s guide also formatted equations in the same manner as the AP equation sheet, which helped me become familiar with this format before going into the AP test. I feel that the Barron’s guide helped me to review all the Statistics concepts and refreshed my memory on what I had forgotten.

Many statistical ideas were mentioned in the Barron’s guide. In the topic called Graphing Display the Barron’s guide discusses the different types of graphs, measures of center and spread, including outliers, modes, and shape. Summarizing Distributions mentions different ways of measuring the center, spread, and position, including z-scores, percentile rankings, and the Innerquartile Range, and its role in finding outliers. Comparing Distributions discusses the different types of graphical displays and the situations in which each type is most useful or appropriate. The section on Exploring Bivariate Data explains scatter plots in depth, discussing residuals, influential points and transformations, and other topics specific to scatter plots. Conditional relative frequencies and association, and marginal frequencies for two-way tables were explained in the section entitled Exploring Categorical Data. Overview of Methods of Data Collection explained the difference between censuses, surveys, experiments, and observational studies. Surveys are discussed more in depth in Planning and Conducting Surveys, including characteristics of a well-designed and well-conducted survey, and sources of bias....
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