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Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Management Pages: 10 (2306 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Is there a difference between a manager and an administrator?

Administrators are responsible for developing and guiding the development of plans and objectives.
Managers are responsible for working within that framework and putting plans determined by the administrator into action.
Managers are typically more closely affiliated with the employees, and administrators are a little more removed
Administrators tend to focus more on administrative matters, rather than the technical components if the job.

What basic skills does a manager need in order to succeed?

The most important skill is that of leadership.
***Leadership is defined as an activity in which an individual gains the trust and commitment and without recourse to form a position to authority moves the group to the accomplishment of one or more task ***

Leaders do not need absolute power to exert influence but they need to have the ability to build relationships
Research has shown that for an individual relationship to develop subordinates must proceed their leader as expert, trustworthy, and committed

***Other important managerial skills***

critical thinking skills
ability to identify and resolve problems
ability to train
ability to delegate
ability to multi-task
ability to network

what basic skills will an administrator need in order to succeed?

managers and administrators need similar skills.
managers and administrators must be highly organized and able to communicate expectations and goals in a clear and detailed manner.
Managers and administrators must know how to work with people.
Managers and administrators must know how to deal with change.

Work with people
One of the most essential skills to being a successful manager or administrator is the ability to work with people.
Managers and administrators work with different groups and organizations and very often act as leazzons.
Managers and administrators need to balance the competing interest values and perspectives of each party.
Managers and administrators are brokers who work to protect and strengthen the relationship between internal and external customers/ constituents.

Managing change

***Coping with change is a challenge for both managers and administrators***
The nature of management and administration within the criminal justice system is always changing and adapting.
The world of the supervisors changes frequently when new procedures, rules, regulations, and guidelines are implemented.
Managers and administrators along with their working teams need to adapt and evolve to the constant changing environment of the criminal justice system.

Styles and theoretical approaches
Great leaders are able to;
help others achieve their maximum potential
generate positive long term results
foster a sense of community and partnership
motivate others by establishing trust and communication
create alignment in both organizational and personal goals
learn new skills and recognize leadership is a learning process
able to take ownership, accountability and set goals to achieve maximum performance

Styles of leadership
leader makes decisions without reference to anyone else
High degree of self dependency
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