Barriers to Teaching

Topics: Communication, Fear, Linguistics Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Richard Ridley Gurr unit2 task 4 /11/2012

Barriers can be overcome by identifying the areas were there can be issues and try to plan this in your delivery If oral communication is not clear, then the speed or the cadence in which you are speaking in will need to be addressed in order for your learners to all have an understanding of what you are saying.

“Language and accents can easily be mistaken in the process of what it is that someone is speaking”1

Communication only occurs when the listener hears and understands your message in the way you meant for it to be received. Some problems in oral communications include using words with ambiguous meanings. The teacher must make sure the students clearly understand the meanings of words. Another problem in oral communications is using generalizations and stereotypes. Classroom communication should be specific to the topic and without bias. A teacher must also take caution not to make a premature conclusion before she has all the facts about a topic or situation.

Other issues may be that the information has not been received or received in the correct way due to the individuals processing abilities. Understanding and distortion like environmental factors or if someone is unwell they may be misperception. With many learners rather than excepting yes and no answers to questioning you can ask them how they feel about it and then you are able to assess their abilities. Prompting to open debate on the subject is a good way to break barriers in that you can ask the learners opinions.

“Do not use jargon unless the person you are talking to clearly understands it Cultural variations do not make assumptions; check you’re understanding; learn about the culture of the learners”2

Tutors can implement specific current issues that relate to backgrounds or cultures, understanding and respecting views and opinions may lesson the barriers.

Following my own reviews that I have had from my peers I can...
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