Barriers to Implemetation of Haccp

Topics: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, Food, Food safety Pages: 8 (2916 words) Published: December 26, 2012
1. It is costly
It seems like the most important barriers to HACCP implementation were associated with finance. Most restaurateurs in the country would say that in order to implement the program into their business they will have to invest a huge amount of money. The financial problems that they faced are in terms of the internal budgetary constraints, they even had problem in obtaining internal funding for the changes to be made. Most restaurateurs were still considering about the implementation of this program because they feel that lots of changes need to be done before HACCP could be put in place in order for it to run smoothly and therefore it requires more investment for the program whereby wide-scale upgrading of the place is required for HACCP to be put in place. It seems like they are aware about the importance of HACCP in the restaurant operation but because of the high cost in implementing, it has become the main barrier that separates them from implementing the program and these restaurateurs are even considering that the costs of implementing HACCP is likely to get cheaper over time and when that time comes then only they will implement the program. Other than that, the cost of implementing this program also covers the training of its personnel. This is one of the major problems in cost because the employer could not control the number of employee turnover and therefore every time there are turnover of staffs, this will require the employer to send the new employees for the HACCP training program again and again. In order to have HACCP program be implement in every restaurant in the country, the government should play their role as well. Things could not happen if only one side are doing their job. Since cost of HACCP implementation is very high, government should at least give subsidiary to every restaurant in the country. This would be a good investment done by government whereby it can automatically reduce the potential cause of foodborne illnesses hence it also reduce the cost of medications. This shows that the local authorities are giving their support in fighting against foodborne illnesses not just by saying but also by actions. The Ministry of Health (MOH) should also have seminars about the importance of HACCP implementation so that the restaurateurs will be aware of its importance to warrant the investment about implementing the program as soon as possible. 2. Perception that HACCP is not suitable for the establishment Many restaurateurs feel that the HACCP program is not necessary for all type of foodservice operation. They feel that only fine dining, hotels and such should apply the program because of the high standard of service procedures and it is not suitable for their establishment. Most restaurants like those located in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam have perception that small restaurant operations like what they have do not require safety controls as complicated as the HACCP program because their scale of operation is too small. Most of them feel that the safety controls that they have in the restaurant is already sufficient to control and prevent foodborne illnesses. They feel uncertain about the benefits of implementing HACCP into their small restaurant business operation which will also cost more and reduce their profit margin. Other than that, they are also concerned that HACCP will reduce their flexibility in production since they have inadequate amount of space. The best solution we think that could help fight against this problem is that Ministry of Health should make HACCP requirement as compulsory for all foodservice operations in order to control the increasing number of foodborne illnesses. Once it has been adapt by government as compulsory, then it will be possible to take actions on the restaurants that do not fill the requirement such as by giving fine in certain amount of money for those that did not fulfil this requirement. The government...
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