Barriers to Enterprise 2.0

Topics: Web 2.0, Social media, Social information processing Pages: 3 (704 words) Published: March 11, 2013
John Barrera Plichta
MGT 321
Barriers to Enterprise 2.0

1. There are several benefits to web 2.0 applications. The most important benefit is having a friendly user interface. According to the article, the best feature for employees is comparable to Facebook applications. Like Facebook users, web 2.0 applications utilized by Cisco allow employees to create profiles within the system that include their professional areas of expertise. This allows other employees within the company or who share the system, which need assistance with problems can search the web 2.0 application system to find an expert in their specific area of searching. Also, Cisco utilizes the web 2.0 applications to properly train their employees through various avenues. The training opportunities involve a Wikipedia-like application for sharing knowledge across the enterprise. A number of mash-up applications have been created to draw information from the web 2.0 application to address specific needs and information queries.


2. There are many hindrances to having the Enterprise 2.0 applications within a business or company. The hindrances are actually connected to the benefits. Since the web application is similar to that of a social media website such as Facebook. There will be a lot of employee to employee interaction. This type of interaction to cause a lot of worker downtime due to the employees acting as though the web application were nothing but a social website rather than working. Since the application could be used like a social website, the employees could be disgruntled through their place of employment and use the application to utilize and voice their frustrations. This could cause several problems for management. Rather than employees using the proper channels or avenues to deal with inter office issues or problems, the employees could cause more problems and could even start rumors. This could also take away from valuable work...
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