Barriers to Effective Communication Paper

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Barriers to Effective Communication Paper
Barriers to Effective Communication Paper
    Communication is a valued part of daily activities and the need to master it is a benefit of every citizen. Problem-solving, understanding others opinions, and exchanging ideas with others are all benefited by good communication skills and the ability to allow communication to flow. When one observes communication, it is apparent that there are three parts to communication, verbal, nonverbal, and Para verbal. The verbal refers to the content of our messages, the way we word our sentences and what is meant by what we say. The nonverbal refers to the body movements and the message they send also known as body language, and the Para verbal is the tone in which we say what we say, and the volume used while communicating (R.Windle 1998).

When communicating people tend to over use words and try to make themselves appear to be smarter than they are, and this leads to a communication that does not flow. The party on the receiving end of the conversation often find themselves lost and not understanding what is being said, and this hinders the flow of communication. A person who speaks loudly is often thought to be upset about something, and the message the person being spoke to receives is that this person is angry. Whereas a person who is soft spoken is often thought to be uncomfortable and does not believe what they are saying is important, or the person does not wish the information to be heard by all who may be standing around.

When speaking to a person one should speak clearly and try to remain on the topic of communication to avoid drifting or the listeners to lose interest. This is true in all aspects of communication, even if the topic is considered to be boring to the listener. When speaking to someone the speaker must focus on what they are projecting with their actions and...
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