Barriers to Effective Commu

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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Barriers to Effective Communication Paper
Interpersonal Communication

Communication is a process used to relay information from one person to another. Some communication methods include; written and oral, verbal and nonverbal. Communication can be misunderstood if one does not understand the message or is cannot actively listen. Formal and informal communication can have barriers that can affect the messages one is trying to communicate properly. Communication is a process that involves two or more people exchanging information effectively however, this process can be interrupted and the message can be misunderstood or not received (Wallace, 2009). The first step that occurs within the communication process is the formation of a thought or idea. A person comes up with a thought or idea that one would like to share with another person or group. This thought or idea sometimes can be thought of as information that should be left unsaid or it can be important information that one should share immediately. However, communication is started with the transmission of that idea to another person (Wallace, 2009). Sending the idea or thought to a person can be completed in different mediums. A person can send a message through to another person: orally, written or by actions (Wallace, 2009). A person can call someone on the phone or talk to someone in person. Within the criminal justice field a general way of communication is through two way radios. Today a popular way of sending written messages is through the Internet, instant messaging someone, or texting. However, a person can still write a report, memo, or send an e-mail or fax. These different methods are formal and informal examples of communication (Wallace, 2009). Written communications are more formal than an oral communication when looking at reprimands because one can become a part of a person’s work file. Communication through actions would be such as one’s body language or sign language....
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