Barriers of Effective Communication

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  • Published : August 29, 2011
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Barriers to Effective Communication Paper

July 18, 2011

Barriers to Effective Communication Paper

When it comes to communicating many people think that there is just talking and listening in the communication process. However there is actually five steps in the process; 1) sending the message out, 2) sending the message through a medium, 3) receiving the message, 4) understanding the message, 5) giving feedback to the individual that sent the message. 1) This is the step where a person gathers their thoughts, and comes to a conclusion that this is what must be said. Although we have thoughts everyday, there are many of them that should be kept to ourselves. 2) Once the person has decided what needs to be said, now is the time where the brain decides how it should be sent. Whether that is writing (email, text, letter, etc.), speaking (face to face, telephone, etc.), or some type of body gesture. 3) The third is for a person to receive the message. So if the message was sent in a conversation then the person sending it, must make sure that he/ she speak loud enough so that the message can be received. 4) This where the sender should place their self in the receiver shoes, and know how to deliver the message. That means the message should be presented in a way the receiver should know exactly what was meant. 5) Giving feedback is the final step in the communication process. However this step is only completed if the person received and understood the message sent.

There are differences between hearing and listening; hearing is the perception sound, while listening is hearing and at the same time understanding what it is exactly that you are hearing. Hearing and listening could actually be thought of in a different way, such as ineffective listening and effective listening. One reason a person may be an ineffective listener is because they do not feel what they are hearing is of any interest to them. Another reason...
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