Barriers of Development

Topics: Sociology, Behavior, The Child Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Barriers of Development

Identifying problems
Not all children acquire adequate social skills simply from the “Developing process.” Delayed and handicapped children will tend to have more than their share of problems in social development, but some children who seem normal in other areas may be viewed as poorly adjusted socially. The failure of develop normal social skills is often identified in one of the following ways: Separation problems: A child beyond age two continues to have extreme difficulty when away from mother may not be developing normally. Also, younger children whose response to mother’s return following separation is not happy but rejecting, turning away, and crying may be showing signs of a poor relationship with mother. Severe shyness: there are many degrees of shyness, and certainly most children show some timidity around strangers or in unfamiliar environments where there are a lot of other people. In some children, however, shyness may become a problem if it prevents them from taking part in normal activities or if the child becomes withdrawn and rarely plays with others. Inability to pay attention: A child who moves constantly from one task or play activity to another, never settling down to complete something, may have social problems. Inability to follow instructions: Children who consistently fail to follow instructions may not hear them, or they may be refusing to c0omply. In either case, such children need attention from teachers and parents. Difficulty understanding language or talking to others: Delays in language development naturally influence social skill development. A child who cannot initiate interaction with others or who responds inappropriately to what others say will have difficulty behaving socially. Disruption: A child who is overly aggressive with the children around him or her, who uses materials inappropriately, who constantly grabs toys from others, and who tantrums frequentlhy cannot gain positive social...
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