Barriers of Communication

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Communication Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: August 12, 2010
Filtering is common barriers to effective communication because filtering is the control of information flow intentionally so that the receivers feel more easily accepted that mean maybe some important information have been deleted as the receivers don’t wish to know .When a sender independently manipulates information so that it will be seen more favorably by the receiver . In an organization, it can happen when the upper position not desire all the information to be known by the lower hierarchy. At time, an employee tells the manager what the manager want to hear. In hierarchy-based organizations, filtering is a big problem. Reducing the number of intermediate levels in the organizations can eliminate filtering. For more personal situation, it can happen when your family member refuses to disclose certain bad news to you. Take for example, if an elderly widow loves animals, presenting her the value of contributing to a specific charity to help finance rescue shelters for animals rather than explaining its more global mission may be a good example of filtering in communication. In a similar story, a classmate I know who dislikes arrogant people recently attended a seminar where she thought the instructor was very arrogant. She did not learn a whole lot because she was distracted by the instructor's perceived arrogance. In the end, because her filters were too strong she could not get the essence of the lecture.

To overcome filtering barriers, try to establish more than one communication channel, eliminate as many intermediaries as possible, and decrease distortion by condensing message information to the bare essentials. Maybe manager can have a breakfast meeting every week with his employee to discuss last week information so that can decrease the filtering barriers. Speak without making overt or implied accusations and listen carefully to his point of view. The more fully you understand what he has to say, the easier it will be to reconcile your...
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