Barriers in Speaking Skills

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  • Published: June 23, 2013
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STI College of Dasmariñas
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

Barriers in Speaking Skills of First year HRS and HRM Students In partial fulfilment for requirement in
Communication Arts 2

March 4, 2013
Final Period

Chapter 1
Problem and its background
A. Definition of Terms
B. Objective
C. Scope and Limitation
D. Significance of the study
Chapter 2
Review of Related literature
A. Communication Skills
a. Reading Skills
b. Listening Skills
c. Writing Skills
Chapter 3
A. Result of the survey and Graphical representation
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
A. Sample Letter
B. Sample survey form
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
The researchers
A. Eva Ysabel Glinofria
B. Mark Alvin Magdayo
C. Jayson Basilio
D. Reina Mae Sarreal



"The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value." — Unknown

Problem and its Background

Barriers in Speaking Skills

Even as first year college students have a hard time in communicating and expressing their thoughts especially in English language. Reciting reports in classrooms are even more uncomfortable when prepared in English. This report intends to provide some light in order to solve this problem.

As a background of the basics of communication skills, in foreign language teaching the four basic skills are: 1. Speaking
2. Listening comprehension
3. Reading
4. Writing

Speaking as one of the basic skills that involve three components*: 1. Verbal Messages - the words we choose
2. Paraverbal Messages - how we say the words
3. Nonverbal Messages - our body language

These Three Components Are Used To:
1. Send Clear, Concise Messages
2. Receive and Correctly Understand Messages Sent to Us.

In reference to the above the speaker must be able to send the correct message to be...
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