Barriers and Obstacles to Critical Thinking

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Barriers and Obstacles to Critical Thinking
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March 21, 2011
Philip Reynolds

Barriers and Obstacles to Critical Thinking
Critical thinking helps thinkers to act instead of reacting. Reacting results in hasty decisions that are not always well thought-out. Quick decisions can lead to error or cause more problems. Evaluating decision is important to the decision-making process. During reflections a thinker can rethink what the outcome was and if the problem could have been addressed in a better manner. By evaluating decisions a thinker is learning what works and what does not work, therefore, fostering successful problem- solving and decision-making skills. However, critical thinking can be damaged or affected by known or unknown barrier s. These barriers include, but are not limited to egocentric thinking, social thinking, biases, arrogance, pressures, group thinking and drone mentality. (Problem -Solving Techniques, 2009).

Egocentric thinking is seeing everything in relation to oneself. Such individuals are self-centered and concerned about their interests. This impedes the use of critical thinking. It is very difficult for many people to identify this characteristic within themselves. They are closed-minded to the thoughts and ideas of others. This damages their critical thinking abilities. Open-minded thinking is one of the fundamental critical thinking skills. The best defense to minimizing thinking egocentrically is to be aware of it and to be mindful of the needs of others. In essence, to continually strive towards viewing ideas and concepts from multiple viewpoints.

Social thinking can be harmful to critical thinking skills as well. All humans are unique. Age, IQ, race, genes, gender, culture, family, friends and a wide array of others factors have dramatic effect on world views and social interaction. Critical thinking is hindered when the world and people in it are viewed from a biased conditioning without learning the...
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