Barrett Farm Food

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Barrett Farm Food: A Small Firm's International Launch
Philip Austin, general manager of Barrett Farm Foods, was thrilled after returning from the food industry trade fair in Cologne, Germany - the largest food and beverage fair in the world. Barrett Farm Foods, based in Melbourne, Victoria, is Australia's sixth largest food company. It distributes both bulk agricultural commodities and processed food products. Among others, it sells macadamia nuts, cereal bars, garlic, ginger, dried fruits, and honey throughout Australia. Barrett has had a healthy rate of growth over the past decade, and its sales reached US$215 million last year.

菲利普奧斯汀總經理巴雷特農場食品,回國後非常激動,從食品工業貿易博覽會在科隆,德國 - 最大的食品和飲料展在世界。巴雷特農場食品,總部設在墨爾本,維多利亞州是澳大利亞的第六大食品公司。這兩個大宗農產品銷售和加工食品。其中,它的售價澳洲堅果,穀物棒,大蒜,生薑,幹水果,蜂蜜澳大利亞各地。巴雷特已經有了健康的速度增長,在過去十年中,它的銷售額達到 2.15億美元的最後一年。)

While Barrett is well known in the domestic market, its international experience has been limited to responding to occasional, unsolicited orders from foreign customers. In completing these export orders, Barrett has relied on intermediaries in Australia that provided assistance to international logistics and payments. Yet Austin is enthusiastic about substantially expanding the export business over the next few years.


Recognizing an Opportunity
What prompted Mr.Austin to attend the Cologne fair was a recent report from Austrade, the Australian government's trade promotion agency, which highlighted the tremendous potential of Australian exports of foodstuffs. For example, According to Austrade, Australian food exports exceeded AU$25 billion last year. Austrade believes that highly processed foodstuffs are the coming trend and wants to boost their exports. But this raises a dilemma: much of current exports are primarily raw foods, not processed foods....
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