Baroque Art: Irregular Pearl

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Baroque, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: March 3, 2012
After 1600 through the 1700’s, European culture generated a new artistic style, known as “The Baroque”. The term literally means "irregular pearl" and is use to describe the vibrant and wild artistic creativity of the seventeenth century. The newly created Baroque style grew out of the Catholic “Counter-Reformation”. Later on as the style spread to northern Europe, it became popular at royal places that use this new style as a symbol freshly emerging monarchies. As the book explains, Baroque style exhibits a combination of power, massiveness, or dramatic theatrical, larger-than-life, color, and intensity. The Baroque style was popular in Rome, Italy and spread to most of Europe. One historical event that was important in the baroque period was the incredibly popularity and success of the Baroque style that was heavily stimulated by the Roman Catholic Church, in response to the Protestant Reformation that was occurring at that moment. This new style of art was able to communicate religious themes in direct and emotional involvement. The nobility class also saw how this new style of Baroque impacted architecture and art because it expressed the power and control in Europe when a foreigner visited. The second event that happened during the baroque period was the existing tensions between the Protestants and Catholics which started a 30 year War in Europe. The book mention that this war was fought principally in Germany and was provoked because of a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics which ended in war between dynasties and foreign powers which only brought famine and disease to many towns English Puritans broke away from the Catholic Church because they felt that it had not completed the work of the Reformation. But the most important event in my opinion was the newly created baroque style is because by looking at the pictures you can see technical brilliance. All paintings, sculptures, and architectures seems too harmonically joint together but...
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