Barnes and Noble Product Positioning

Topics: Marketing, Product line extensions, Advertising Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Product and Positioning

The Nook E-Reader by Barnes and Noble is a 12.1 ounce portable e-reader with a 6 inch ink screen 3G wireless connection with the ability to hold over 1,500 books on its memory card. The nook’s features also include computerized versions of popular games and allow the user to download magazines and newspapers to the device (Bubar). This device satisfies the esteem needs of achievement and status since owning a piece of new technology delivers the message of a higher status symbol to a person’s peer group (Chapman). Being able to afford an E-Reader satisfies a want for convenience and is not necessary need.

The current product positioning for the Nook relies on its user friendly capabilities and affordability. Barnes and Nobles features advertisement that focuses on how the Nook is friendly for young readers in hopes of enticing them to read more and to use the Nook to do so. It also applies to adults who can use the Nook to read books and newspapers or browse the internet or play games during their commute to work on public transportation or during their travels. The Nook has mass appeal since it is offered at an affordable price. People who cannot afford to purchase a more expensive tablet like the I-Pad may consider the Nook a more sensible option (Bubar).

The Nook is in the maturity stage of the product life cycle. This is evident by the increase in competitors entering the E-Reader market, the initial cost of the Nook has declined due to competing products, and brand differentiation and feature diversification is emphasized to maintain and increase market share.

The Nook has created a product line for Barnes and Nobles during a time they were facing declining sales and customer loyalty. The company was in need of a way to keep their existing consumer base and also extend their business in to the advancements made in literature from a technological standpoint. The company has been trying to combat the industry's ongoing...
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