Barnes and Noble: Business Information System

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Business Information Systems

Coursework 1
Barnes & Noble

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Table of Content

Executive Summary3
Company Description5
Business Perspective Evaluation6
Establishment and Organization of E-commerce6
E-commerce and Revenue models8
Analysis of Industry, Market and Competitors9
SWOT analysis10
Promotion and Customer Relations12
Market Target12
Advertising Methods12
Customer Relationship Management13
Technological Perspective13
E-commerce framework13
Public policy13
Marketing and Advertising14
Support Services14
Business Partnerships14
Barnes & Noble’s Website16
Technological Innovations20
Current Issues20
Future of Barnes & Noble21

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to evaluate E-commerce structure and strategy of Barnes & Noble. As e-commerce market is highly competitive, it is important for the company to develop an effective strategy in order to gain customer’s loyalty, remain profitable and maintain the company’s image. The report will cover different aspects of Barnes & Noble strategy and performance and suggest possible solution to existing problems.

Business Perspective Evaluation
Establishment and Organization of E-commerce
The section is dedicated to the first rises of Barnes & Noble and the establishment of their B2C model. It also describes its structure and the services and products the company’s offers. E-commerce and Revenue models

In order to become profitable companies try to include a variety of different revenue sources including sales, affiliate programs, subscription fees, etc. The beauty of these models is the satisfaction of both customers and businesses and the section will cover the models used by B&N. Analysis of Industry, Market and Competitors

In a highly competitive market it is important to observe not only your behavior but also the behavior of the rivals and customers. This part presents a SWOT analysis of Barnes & Noble and the description of their main competitors in face of and E-bay with their competitive advantages. Promotion and Customer Relations

Customer Relationship Management is extremely important for e-commerce businesses as only effective CRM can ensure the trust and loyalty of the customer. B&N finds a good way to maintain high satisfaction and tries to perfectly reach their market target. This part will also describe the company’s promotional strategy.

Technological Perspective Evaluation
E-commerce framework
This section will describe the structure of B&N E-commerce framework and its 5 main parts including people, public policy, marketing, support services and business partnerships. Barnes & Noble’s website

For any e-commerce business the website is the face of the company and therefore should be perfectly designed and ensure high usability. Color themes, navigation, loading time, all the factors might seriously affect the number of visitors and potential customers. Technological innovations

In this part we will evaluate the recent technological innovations deployed by the company in order to overcome rivals and get competitive advantage in the market Current issues
Surely, every coin has two sides and sometimes when companies develop their strategies they might sacrifice some of the features and services in order to feel free in others. This section contains suggestions for solving current drawbacks in B&N’s operation Future of Barnes & Noble

And finally, we will consider the way which was chosen by B&N for the future and evaluate its...
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