Barn Burning vs a Rose for Emily

Topics: Barn Burning, William Faulkner, Narrator Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: April 12, 2012
In "Barn Burning," and "A Rose for Emily" William Faulkner creates two characters that are strikingly similar. Abner Snopes is loud and obnoxious. Because of this, most people tend to avoid him at all costs. On the contrary, Emily Grierson, a very intriguing woman from Jefferson, Mississipi, is an important figure in the town, despite spending most of her life alone. If these characters were judged purely on their reputation and physical appearance, it would be clear that Abner Snopes and Emily Grierson are opposites. Although at first look both Miss Emily and Abner Snopes appear different, they have more similar qualities than one would expect. These qualities drive them into a very similar and sad lifestyle. To analyze Abner Snopes and Emily Grierson, we will first explore their backgrounds. Both have very different backgrounds. Emily Grierson is born to a wealthy family, often times referred to as the "high and mighty Griersons,” Her house, large and elegant, is set in the heart of what was once the most elite area of Jefferson. She spends almost all of her life inside this house, very rarely ever leaving. Yet the townspeople are always concerned with Miss Emily, as she is the last Grierson. They are interested in what is going on with her, constantly putting together the pieces of her life. However, no matter how much the people piece together the events, few know Miss Emily at all. On the other hand, Abner Snopes is at the other end of the social scale. He is in the lowest class. As a tenant farmer, Abner lives a life almost like that of a slave. He works continuously from day to day, living with his family in small shacks. Abner constantly displays his lack of decency and rude manners. He is considered a menace wherever he goes, and no one has any interest in getting to know such a foul and arrogant man. Even though they are at the extreme ends of the social spectrum, Emily Grierson and Abner Snopes have something in common-they are both outsiders in...
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