Barley Seed Germination

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  • Published : September 15, 2010
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Barley Seed Germination

The question I based my study, Hypothesis and Experiment is; should farmers soak their barley seeds before they sow them into fertile soil? This Experiment was not based on a topic we studied in class but was to a personal interest to myself.

My Aim: Is to find out which different soaked seeds will start to grow fastest but will also have the strongest and healthiest shoots and roots to appearance. My method: I used a handful of different barley seeds all the same type, and soaked them in several types of water. One plain, one mixed with Thrive Fertilizer and one without any water. I left them in the mixtures overnight around about 12 hours before I remove them from water and dried them. I placed them into damp, cotton bud lined containers with another layer on top. I placed them onto a window sill that received the afternoon sun and plenty of warmth. My hypothesis: I believe the Thrive Fertilized container seeds would Shoot and grow before the other two containers took off. I thought that the plain water seeds would swell and therefore the seeds would be kick started into the sprouting process. I thought that they would come in second to the Thrive Seeds and the dry seeds would come in behind the rest of the seeds. My weekly plan: My weekly plan over the following few days is on the first day is to soak the seeds in their different waters. On the second day is to transfer the seeds into their different containers lined with damp cotton buds and place a layer onto the top. The following days are the same as following. Check the moisture and write down the results.

The resources I used are as following,
Koning, Ross E. (1994) Seeds and seed germination. Plant Physiology Information Website.
Accessed 21/03/2010.
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