Barley Notes

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Barley is known in latin as Hordeum Vulgare
It is a cereal and a member of the Gramineae family
Barley is the most widely grown cereal in Ireland as it is the most suited for Irish soil and climate as well as consumer demand. Barley is used for feeding and best quality malting for the production of alcohol. Its stem may also be used for animal bedding.

Soil Type
Barley grows best in Brown Earth and Grey brown Podzolics. Deep Sandy loams helps with drainage which is essential for growth. The ideal pH for Barley is 6.5/7.

Seed Bed Preparation
Land should be ploughed in autumn to improve structure and then harrowed in spring to produce a fine seedbed; this also cuts down on the labour in spring. Barley is a very small seed so it needs a very fine fertiliser. Type of Seed

Use Department of Ag. Certified seed, these are proven to be free of disease, Pure and Resistant to fungus as well as good Germination rates. The Department of Agriculture produces a list of recommended cereal variety to ensure good crop. Spring varieties include Cocktail, Quench. Winter include Amerena and Saffron.

Winter Barley is sown in September. Spring Barley is sown between February and April. It is sown with a combine drill (sowing machine) at a rate of 125-140kg/ha. This drill sows seeds and fertiliser at the same time. Tilling the land will ensure 900 ears/meters squared

Use of Fertiliser
Apply a compound fertiliser such as 10:10:20, this applies Nitrogen into the soil which is essential for growth. Nitrogen depends on previous cropping history, soil type, rainfall and variety. This should be applied with a combine drill. Potassium and Phosphorus requirement depend on soil test and if its intended for Malting (brewing alcohol)

Disease & Pest Control
Common disease can be fungal bacterial or viral
FUNGAL: Rhynchosporium (leaf blotch or scald) – Is a fungal disease that decreases the yield...
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