Barium Essay for Chemistry

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Barium Research Paper

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May 18th, 2012

Barium was discovered in 1779 by Carl Scheele, but was isolated for the first time in 1808 by an English chemist by the name of Sir Humphry Davy. Barium is commonly found as BaSO4. Things that glow in the dark are made from Barium. Barium has many uses and plays a big role in our environment today. Barium can be found almost anywhere in the environment because it is produced there naturally and sometimes affects the environment and humans. Barium are even used for making glass and used in fireworks. Barium is even found in our food.

The History Of Barium
In 1808 Barium was isolated by an English chemist named Sir Humphry Davy by electrolysis of molten baryta or BaO. But it was discovered in 1779 by Carl Scheele. Barium is classified as an alkaline-earth metal. Its atomic number is 56 and it is the fifth element in group 2.Natural Barium is made up of a mixture of seven stable isotopes, there are thirteen radioactive isotopes known to exist. Barium has never been found in nature in its pure form. When Scheele discovered barium in the 1700's he could not isolate it he could only isolate the barium oxide. Another person to isolate the barium oxide was a man named Johan Gahn but he did it two years after Scheele did. Davy who finally managed to isolate barium on its own, did it by analogy with calcium and decided to name it Barium after the word baryta. Pure oxygen used to be produce through the Brin Process before they started using barium peroxide to liquefy air and produce oxygen. Barium appears as a silvery white color metal. Barium van be found anywhere in the environment because it exists there naturally. Barium has many compounds that are used today mostly industrially. Barium is very light and has half the density of iron. Barium oxidizes air and reacts with water to form the hydroxide that liberates hydrogen. Barium reacts with most non-metal to creating poisonous compounds. After...
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