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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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OM Assignment II
Baria Planning Solutions, Inc: Fixing the Sales Process

Submitted to:
Prof. Sachin Jayaswal
Group B12
Kavita Bakrewala
Shwetank Dave
Priyesh Ranjan
Sabir Kumar Samad
Prithvi kumar A

Situation Analysis:
Baria Planning Solutions (BPS) is a consulting firm serving manufacturers with $95 million in annual sales. BPS analyses its customer spending categories and identifies various sources of potential savings. It carries out various change management, supplier consolidation and purchase standardization initiatives to attain its objective. It specialises in “Spend Analysis”. In order to expand, BPS acquired various niche service providers. BPS practised a solution selling process which was essentially a cumulative sales process. In 2010, BPS had 18% of the market. Now, BPS was on a cross road. According to the latest forecasts, BPS had put up a dismal performance. Its win rate stood at 15.5%. Its renewal rate had dropped from 91% to 84%. The problem was attributed to the sales support group who couldn’t timely assist the sales group. The members of this group complained of high workload and lack of time to finish off the work. The challenge was to either hire new workers or stream line the solution selling process. Analysis

Sales Opportunities| New Sale| Renewal| Expansion| Pilot| 1st Quarter| 61| 27| 11| 28|
2nd Quarter| 72| 24| 12| 26|
3rd Quarter| 66| 32| 14| 22|
4th Quarter| 72| 34| 16| 27|
Standard Deviation| 4.602998| 3.960475| 1.920286| 2.277608| Mean| 67.75| 29.25| 13.25| 25.75|

Processing time in hrs| Data engineering| Data Analysis| Proposal Support| Pricing| New Sale| 24| 24| 44| 8|
Renewal| 8| 12| 22| 4|
Expansion| 22| 16| 29| 6|
Pilot| 20| 10| 12| 6|
Standard Deviation| 6.224949799| 5.361902647| 11.64849776| 1.414213562|

New sales and Proposal support has the highest standard deviation. This suggests that there is high amount...
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