Bargaining with the Devil. When to Negotiate, When to Fight

Topics: South Africa, Negotiation, Winston Churchill Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: April 10, 2013

Bargaining with the devil. When to negotiate, when to fight
Prof. Robert Mnookin

Should you bargain with the devil?
Not always, but more often than you feel like it, for two reasons: - emotions are getting in the way of clear thinking
- being prepared to bargaing means willing to give the pursuit of justice You should make decisions by looking to the future, you have to analyze the cost and benefits of negotiating versus all other options. You also need to address all the moral and ethical issues involved in deciding whether to negotiate with the devil (an enemy)

Bargain is an atempt to try to resolve a conflicto to negotiation. The devil can be represented as:
- someone who has or may hurt you
- someone who you don’t trust
- somone who may feel is evil

The main idea it’s what to do if someione does wrong in business, do you ignore them and go straight to warfare or litigation? That’s the tricky question. If you attempt to make a deal with the other party you are accepting their authority and position. So what should do it’s to try to resolve all conflicts through negotiation rather than fighting.

You should always be prepared to negotiate, but you also should know when to no negotiate, depending on the circunstancies.

At the conference he offered the example of Wiston Churchill, who decided not to negotiate with the Nazi Germany. Churchill was appointed as prime minister of Britain, it was a matter of time before Britain will be fighting alone against Germany, so many a couple of members of Churchill’s war cabinet suggested to negotiate with Hitler. Churchills disagree, it the worst was going to happen, it was better to go down fighting. Churchill decided to fight and no to negotiate. Churchill is one of Robert Mnookin heroes, because he fight to the death if necessary, that time negotiating with the devil doesn’t seem heroic. Another example was Nelson Mandela. He had been in prisión for 23 years, and he had always...
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