Barest Coffee Company Questionnaire

Topics: Coffee, Drink, Questionnaire Pages: 3 (433 words) Published: March 14, 2012
A questionnaire is a systematic list of questions designed to obtain information from people about specific events, their attitudes, their value and their belief, Dave Needham (2000) 282. Questionnaires may vary in structures in the amount of freedom which is allowed to the respondent in answering the questions. In this write up for Barest Coffee, I have used highly structured questionnaire that have set of answer formants that is very easy to administer, answer and analyse. Barest Coffee is situated at Chimwemwe Township at Kachere Centre. The aim of the questionnaire is to get information from the customers that can assist the company to improve its services in order to get more customers. The structured questionnaire for Barest Coffee titled how we can improve is divided into two main sections. The first section is about product quality and the second section is about service and environment. In addition there is respondent’s comments and personal information which is optional. All this information will enable the Barest Coffee Company to improve its services and get more customers.

Please take a moment to help us improve your experience at Barest Coffee. When you have done, please drop the questionnaire in the box at the front of the store. (A) Product quality
How often do you come to Barest Coffee?
Every day
4 to 5 times a week
3 to fewer times a week
First time
What do you typically purchase?
Coffee drink
Other drinks
Coffee buster

How would you rate our beverages?
Consistent high quality
Generally good
Quality varies easily
Poor quality
How would you rate our food quality?
Consistent high quality
Generally good
Quality varies easily
Poor quality

(B)Service and Environment
How long did you wait for your order to be taken?
Immediate service
Less than 1 minute
1 to 3 minutes
How long did you wait for...
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