Barclays: Recruitment And Selection Process In HRM Project

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Recruitment & Selection Process in
HRM Project
Barclay’s BPO
HRM Project


The making of this project does not involve efforts of one single person. It is the result of cooperation and contribution of many minds as a group. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who gave us the possibility to complete the project work. We have furthermore to acknowledge Mrs. Sahana Dey our faculty for their stimulating support which undoubtedly boosted our practical knowledge.  We greatly acknowledge our indebtedness to all those who devoted their time in filling the fruitful knowledge, material and rendering direct and indirect help in accomplishing this project. During the process of making we gained the knowledge of various new aspects & learned a lot. This project has boosted Confidence in each one of us to work in as a team, we are also very satisfied with every member of our group who contributed a lot and made it complete on time.


Particulars| Page No.|
Company Profile| 4|
Effective Recruitment Process| 5|
Recruitment | 6|
RPO| 7|
Selection| 8|
Recruitment Vs Selection| 9|
BPO| 10|
Barclay’s Recruitment Process | 11|
Types of recruitment Process in Barclay’s| 12|
Advisory Hiring| 13|
Support Hiring| 14|
TALEO| 15-16|
Interview Process| 17|
Advantages | 18-19|
Company Profile

* Barclays GRB India has over the past three years grown to be amongst the most respected foreign banks in the country, servicing more than 900,000 clients. Barclays GRB in India is led by Mark Jones, Managing Director, Asia and Ram Gopal, Interim Managing Director, India.

* Barclays opened its doors to commercial customers in November 2006 and today has a roster of over 2300 clients. This includes large multinationals, public sector companies and a growing base of small and medium enterprises. Barclays offers them a broad spectrum of services including loans, deposits, payments & cash management services, trade finance and treasury solutions.

* The consumer banking division, launched in May 2007, offers customers a growing suite of products and services that are relevant both to their current and emerging market needs. These include innovative propositions from personal loans (that come with smaller monthly repayments) to credit cards (that allow customers to choose their payment date). ‘Hello Money’, a revolutionary service that combines technology and convenience takes consumer banking services to the next level of convenience.

* Barclays also has arguably the best Premier services offering in the country.

* Innovations at Barclays GRB India are not limited to the consumer banking division alone. The Indian operations recently became the first country in Asia and the fourth in the world to launch ‘The Latitude Club’, a global commercial banking proposition from Barclays that assists corporate customers to identify new business partners internationally.

* Barclays GRB currently has a network of over 110 distribution points through its network of branches and Barclays Finance outlets across the country. Barclays Finance was launched in March 2008, as a non banking finance company, to bolster the Barclays GRB footprint in the country.

* Investing in the community is an important part of Barclay’s sustainability strategy. Globally, Barclays has focused efforts on financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, education, enterprise and helping people into employment. Barclays is currently in the midst of exploring how it can leverage its global partnerships to invest in the growth and development of communities in India as well.






The activity of employing workers to fill vacancies or enrolling new members Employment recruitment is composed of several stages:
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