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My autobiography will be about when I went to Barcelona, Spain on holiday and what happened during the holiday. What kind of experiences did I have? What did I enjoy and What did I dislike about the trip to Barcelona?

What I must include:

• Events

• 1st Person

• Use of connectives (However, Furthermore, Next)

• Chronological order

• Variety of sentences

• Quotes

• Humour

• Paragraphs

• Punctuation (use of apostrophes)

• Capital Letters

• Spelling

• Advanced Vocabulary


P2 What happened when I went to Barcelona’s football stadium?

I had a tour around Barcelona’s Football club and I saw the trophies they had won over the past 100 years, famous players. I also saw the football ground, It was massive it had a capacity of 95,000 people. The biggest stadium in Europe. I also got a souvenir it was a black Barcelona cap.

P2 Who did I meet?

I met the owner of Barcelona Football Club and I saw two of the Barcelona Players Samuel Eto’o and Carlos Puyol on one of the training pitches.

P3 Where else did I go?

I went to a shopping centre in Llafranc it was near Barcelona and it was huge compared to shopping centres that we get in England. I also got to see the famous Costa Brava coast. I went swimming on the Costa Brava beach. The hotel was fantastic, it was spacious and the people were very friendly.

P4 What did I dislike about the trip?

The food was horrible. They had something called Paella it was some type of seafood included different types of fish. Most of the type we went to fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Pizza Hut.

Introduction about my autobiography and what will happen during the autobiography.

Anything else???

Autobiography Plan
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