Barbie: The Successful Baby Doll

Topics: Barbie, Middle East, Europe Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Barbie: The American Girl Goes Global

Barbie which is produced by Mattle is the most known and successful baby doll all around the world. So there is a reason underlying this success. Firstly, Mattel’s global marketing strategy involves adapting fashion trends and cultural differences to its product. Since, Barbie has been successfully adapted to cultural differences in the United States, Mattel tried to adopt a regiocentric approach for Western European market. However, Mattel improved a less elaborate Barbie for Central and Eastern European market than its European counterpart. While Barbie prepared for Western Europe market wears designer clothes and accessories, Barbie prepared for rest of the Europe wears more basic clothes due to experience of communistic lifestyle. However, it was appeared that well-known American Barbie is preferred by little girls in Europe. Moreover, it was also discovered that Barbie does not need an overhaul, but small cosmetic changes can be made. The best example is India because when core product remains unchanged, Indian dolls are painted with a head spot and dressed in a sari. In Japan, the situation is the same. However, the first time Mattel adapted Barbie to Japanese culture by forming a strategic partnership with Bandai, Japan’s largest toy company. Then Mattel discovered once again well-known Barbie is preferred instead local versions. In Brazil, Barbie has competition with local rival which has lower price. Beside its convenient price , Susi doll, manufactured by local rival, looks like Brazilian girls which have blonde hair, small chest and dark skin. Since Susi’s similarity to Brazilian girls attracted young girls to buy it. In other words, Barbie had not enough adaptation to compete Susi. Moreover, Middle East market is a problem for Mattel because of regional differences. Barbie also faced opposition on political, religious, and social grounds. However, Mattel was again not enough to adapt Barbie to cultural,...
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