Barbie Essay

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“Come on Barbie lets go party”, goes the popular song by Aqua, a song that is loved by many but when listened to carefully this song has some very demeaning messages towards Barbie. “I’m a blonde single girl in the fantasy world,” is a message that many people claim her to be, living in a fantasy world. Unfortunately too many girls young and old want to follow in her footsteps. Barbie is indeed a negative public icon. Not only is she a negative influence towards young girls but she also promotes an impossibly perfect body figure and a fantasy lifestyle which is unrealistic to achieve.

Barbie plays a major role in many young girls’ lives. (You’ve already strongly established that Barbie does this – you said so when you called her a “public icon” and again when you said she is an “influence”. So saying it again is sort of repetitive. Remember when we talked about this in class?) They all want a Barbie to play with; they all want to be like Barbie. She’s a public icon, something like a superstar to these young ones. They are getting brainwashed at a young age with this doll but instead of her being a positive influence she’s not. Pregnant Barbie is a prime example. That doll was removed from shelves because of the message it was sending. A pregnant doll makes these young children believe that it is ok for then to go ahead and get pregnant. What’s even worse is that the doll was sold without a father figure. What kind of message is that sending to these children? Being pregnant without a father figure around is not easy. Pregnant Barbie gives the false impression that being a single mother is easy. That a woman can be a single mother and still live a rich ravish lifestyle. That is not the case at all. It’s not as easy as Pregnant Barbie makes it seem. Having a child is difficult, especially having one with no father figure present. (watch out for repetitiveness – you already made your point about single motherhood being difficult. Now you need...
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