Barbie's Effect on Girls

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  • Published : November 18, 2008
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People do not realize the effects that a Barbie doll can have on a little girl. Parents may think they are buying the perfect toy for their child, not knowing the bad effects that come along with Barbie. Each little girl is affected differently by this plastic doll. It is strange how a toy can have such an impact on a girl’s life. Depending on the little girl, Barbie can have positive or negative effects. Barbie influences what a little girl wants her parents to buy for her, how she thinks she should look, and what age the little girl becomes physically active. It seems that Barbie would have more of a negative effect on children rather than a positive one. Barbie portrays the doll that can do anything. This makes girls think that they should be just like her. In reality nobody can be like Barbie because she is “perfect.”

Barbie has her dream house, car, and a wardrobe that expanded almost every day. Many girls believe that they have to be just like Barbie. This pressures parents to buy their girls many new outfits and accessories. Girls believe they have to be just like Barbie in order to fit in. Little girls may ask their parents at a very young age if they can start wearing mini-skirts. This could be a problem for parents. Parents feel that their little girls are growing up way to fast. The more accessories, the more money the family had to buy their child toys. Some children may feel left out in this scenario because their family is not as wealthy. The more wealthy girls are able to get all the Barbie accessories they need. On the other hand the less fortunate girls feel left out because their parents are not able to buy them everything they want. This would be a negative affect about Barbie. Little girls can get very upset and feel left out if they do not have everything that Barbie has.

Another thing about Barbie is the girls want to look just like her. Barbie is skinny, tall, and has big breasts. It is really un-natural to look...
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