Barbara Baker's Essay Question Answers: Abnormal Psychology

Topics: Mental disorder, Schizophrenia, Psychiatry Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Barbara Baker's Essay question answers

Originally Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) was called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), but was changed to (DID) because (MPD) made it sound like there were multiple people living in one body. The name change corrected this theory. One controversy surrounding this disorder is that the person suffering may be faking the illness to avoid stress. It is difficult to answer this question because people with this problem may seem or act questionable because the therapist may ask certain leading questions either during therapy or while the client is being hypnotized. Some cases have also shown that therapists can plant false memories in clients. The client actually believes the incident that happened and then is surprised when told that it wasn't true and never happened. Some tests have confirmed that some alters were physiologically distinct.

The eighth leading cause of death in the United States is suicide, with the primary age group being between 25-34 years of age. Although in light of recent events, this seems a little misleading. Younger people are sometimes at more risk for attempting suicide because of life events. In some cases children as young as 2 have attempted killing themselves. Men are more likely to commit suicide then females, and in more violent ways, such as using a gun, hanging themselves, or stabbings. Women who attempt suicide usually stick to overdosing on drugs. Older men are at a higher risk then older women for committing suicide because the attempts by older women are unsuccessful. Some evidence shows that low levels of serotonin may be a cause linked to suicide and violent attempts at it. The reason suicide is linked to mood disorders is because over 60% of may or may not have an existing mood disorder, but just because someone has a mood disorder doesn't necessarily mean that they will commit suicide. Some people still attempt suicide even without having a mood disorder....
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