Barangay Community Record

Topics: The Residents, Information retrieval, La Paz Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Tarlac State University
College of Computer Studies

Barangay Community Record
(Brgy. Caramutan, La Paz, Tarlac)

Duran, Kamille Ann E.
Reyes, Kim Wilbert M.
Trinidad, Michael Adam E.

Chapter 1

Information technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use, create, manage and exchange information. One of the exciting ways in which the computer serve as a general service tool is in the field of information retrieval and operation, the search for facts which, together with the operations done on it, are stored in a central storage. Computer-based information retrieval operates through the use of software that can offer information services for an institution. An information service provides a way to electronically access, retrieve, and transmit that information. As for the moment, the barangay workers (Barangay Caramutan, La Paz, Tarlac) are using the manual process in most services the barangay is giving to its residents. For example, in keeping records and issuing the barangay clearance. The main problem concerning the barangay is that they do not have a centralized and accurate system for storing records they have for these are very important to them. How they will have a file maintenance system and will lessen the problem of works they usually do in getting, keeping and updating the files. To solve these problems, we proposed a system which is called BARANGAY COMMUNITY RECORD, which will be the file maintenance system of the barangay to be used in keeping their records. The proposed system will also be a census-like system of each resident of the barangay for each and every resident will now have an identification number containing their personal records.

Project Context
The proposed system will have an important result on both the residents of the barangay and barangay employees who manages the system as well as the barangay itself. The implementation of the...
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