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Barangay Budgeting

By | Feb. 2013
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An Analysis
(by: Abraham L. Cuevas)


Barangay Isok II in the municipality of Boac, Marinduque is one of the barangays in the Poblacion area.

This review will present an overview of the proposed Barangay Budget of Barangay Isok II for CY 2012. This paper will also tackle details on the budget preparation, budget authorization, budget review, and budget execution and accountability.


On October 7, 2011, the Sangguninag Barangay of Isok II passed Barangay Appropriation Bill No. 2012-01 with the title An Ordinance Appropriating Funds for Barangay Isok II (Annex A). A barangay budget comprises estimates of income, total appropriations covering current operating expenditures, and capital outlays. The total amount available for appropriation is PhP 778,372.00 derived from the estimated income for the budget year. Below is the breakdown of the estimated income:

Property Taxes5,000.00
Business Taxes and Licenses2,400.00
Community Taxes3,000.00
Internal Revenue Allotment760,672.00
Subsidy from other LGUs2,500.00
Permit Fees1,800.00
Clearance & Certification Fees3,000.00

The sources of income are declared as source of funds which are realistic and probable to be collected and remitted to the Local Treasury, necessary to finance the delivery of basic services and implementation of priority development of the Barangay from January to December 2012. The estimated income was then appropriated for basic services delivery and implementation of priority development projects. Such is referred to as estimated expenditures which cover the following Major Final Outputs:

General Fund 509,481.80
Administrative & Legislative Services
Daycare Service
Health & Nutrition Services
Peace & Order Services
Agriculture Services
Other Services
Implementation of 20% Barangay Development Projects152,134.40 Implementation of...

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