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Chapter 1

A Barangay also known as barrio in its former name is the smallest local government unit in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Municipalities and cities are composed of barangays. The word barangay is sometimes abbreviated as "Brgy" or "Bgy. Historically, a barangay is a relatively small community of around 50 to 100 families. Most villages have only thirty to one hundred houses and the population varies from one hundred to five hundred persons. The word itself is derived from an ancient Malayo-Polynesian boat called a balangay. It is commonly believed that in pre-colonial Philippines, each original coastal “barangay” formed as a result of settlers arriving by boat from other places in Southeast Asia. (Merino, 1975) As years passed by the concept of the word barangay has change in many ways A barangay now is a government structure that is led and governed by its barangay officials. The "barangay officials" is considered as a Local Government Unit (LGU) same as the Provincial and the Municipal Government. It is composed of a Punong Barangay, seven Barangay Councils or Barangay Kagawad, and a Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Chairman which is considered as a member of the Council. Thus, there are eight members of the Legislative Council in a barangay. Each member has its own respective committee where they are Chairmen of those committees. (Constantino, 1975) With the help of these different committees they are able to implement this barangay programs. Barangay Programs have different kinds; it can be about public health, Environment, Education, Economic, Security etc. These agendas are implemented to make solution to the common problems of every barangay. It is one of the duties of each barangay to give service to their community and each of the respondents has different dilemma that is why different programs are implemented in different barangays depending on their needs.

Significance of the Study
Just like any Barangay, implementation of different programs is important in every endeavor .The purpose of inducing this program in communities is to help and improve the lives of the people. Some research said that “it is important that the local and the Barangay officials are involved in every phase and stage of the project to ensure genuine participation from the community. This entails involvement from conceptualization to implementation. Genuine participation is empowerment of the community from the very start of the process.

Objectives of the Study
In this paper, the study aims to know the different programs that are being implemented in each barangay. Specifically, the study intends to: To determine what program each barangay offers.
To have a common program that both of the barangay’s are doing. To determine if this certain program is completely implemented according to its objectives. To analyze the difference and similarities of a specific program of two barangays. To know the factors that makes them different from each other.

Chapter 2
Related Literature

One of the things that have done in the sector of health is the completion of an organization that is called barangay health patrol which is governed by the barangay captain and its kagawads. The percentage of malnourished childrens age 0-5 is decreasing because of this initiated program called “Supplemental Feeding Program”. (Labios, 2004)

Child development programs are about ensuring children grow up healthy and well-nourished, protected from harm and with a sense of self-worth and enthusiasm for learning, able to think clearly, communicate effectively, get on well with others and contribute to their families/communities. Child development programs both promote children’s well-being and address the issues which put a brake on and damage children’s development. (Save the Children Federation, 2004)

The formation of a volunteer network at the village level was conceived as a...
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