Barack Obama's Speech: Analysis

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  • Published : January 17, 2011
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Andrew Hrywna
Mrs. Stasiv
English 12
October 1 2010

Barak Obama Speech Analysis
On November 3rd 2008, President Barack Obama addressed the people of Virginia. This was the night before the ballots would be cast for the 43 President of the United States of America. He expressed to the nation that his experience was incomparable and like no other.

Obama is known to use three main manipulative devices in his speeches. His effective use of Anaphora, Anecdotes, mixed in with his own personal style. The effective use of these devices captivated his audience and could possibly make him one of the best public speakers in political history.

Barack is best known for his use of anecdotes, he always finds a way to connect the point he is trying to prove with a personal experience or a hurdle he has had to overcome. At first Obama begins by persuading the audience on how they have drastically impacted his like and moved him again and again. He then begins to criticize the lack of political leadership of the former president George W Bush. Furthermore he begins to become more emotional when nearing to the beginning of his Anecdote, he puts out an appeal to all the citizens that no matter who we are and from the different walks of life we come from we all are here to serve America. He then begins his anecdote about how he has seen people serving this nation. Obama uses “sob” stories to make the audience show more emotion and understand him better, almost as if he is trying to crack the hearts of the nations people. His anecdotes are usually about a single person who he believes has made a difference or influenced him to make change. This shows the audience that even one person from a small town such as Greenwood can change the impact of his campaign, if one person can “fire up” a small town then imagine what a nation together can do.

Many political speakers are known for using anaphora in there writing, or having a single catch phrase that sticks with...
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