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Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Natural environment Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: January 23, 2013
In order to answer the research question, we did an online survey in area around the VNU Village with totally 220 participants. Among them, 165 students, 20 normal citizen and 13 trade people distribute unequally in this area. The majority are live in or near the landfill, accounting for 89 people. The others are live in or near the market (35 people), in the dormitory (52 people) and the other places (44 people) such as near the bus station, near the university… They have several thought about the current status of environmental pollution in VNU Village. Most of them think that the environment is getting worse day after day (145 people). The number of people think that it has been improved is 26 people and people think that it can satisfy them is 22 people. However, there are 11 people who do not care anything about the environment and 16 people have the other ideas. Regarding the status of landfill in VNU Village, the quantity of people who think trash is everywhere in this area is the highest, taking up for 158 of total people, followed by 40 people feel dumping near the residential area and 13 people feel dumping far from the residential areas. This situation reflects the fact of landfill in VNU Village is in the critical level. There are several factors that affect to the increasing of litterbug and landfill in VNU Village, but the highest percentages of people think the main reason is the consciousness of people living here (106 people). The other reasons can be the ineffective trash management system (57 people) and there is no trash bin at all (51 people). Besides, a mere 4 people think the waste from industries can cause the development of trash in this area. The thinking of inhabitants about the types of pollution affecting the environment also is one of certain aspects in this research. There may be many kinds of pollution, yet the majority list them as the water pollution (150 people), followed by air pollution (55 people) and noise pollution (11...
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