Bap 31

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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BAP 31
Outcome 1 Understand the employment rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer and their purpose identify the main points of contracts of employment and their purpose The main points of Employment contracts are written agreements between an employer and an employee that detail the workplace duties and responsibilities of the employee and the compensation that the employer provides in return. Employment contracts typically lay out the wages, bonuses, vacations, medical leaves (including maternity/paternity), stock options, and other benefits and compensation that the worker receives for fulfilling his/her obligations to the employer. outline the main points of legislation affecting employers and employees and their purpose, including anti-discrimination and entitlement legislation

The main points of legislation in a business environment are that the employee and the employers are aware if their rights and responsibilities, what the employee should expect from the company and vice versa. Anti-discrimination and equality polices outline line rules and expectations of the company as a whole and also of national laws. identify where to find information on employment rights and responsibilities both internally and externally

To find information on employment rights internally I would use the company’s intranet or use the staff handbook that I was given at the start of my contract. To find this information externally. I would use the intranet and websites such as Direct Gov. explain the purpose and functions of representative bodies that support employees Some companies use unions which stand for employment rights, an employee usually has to join the union and pay to be a member. Other companies that do not use unions provide their employees with websites such as the company intranet or the Citizen Advice Bureau. explain employer and employee responsibilities for equality and diversity in a business environment

The employer must treat the...
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