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Global Responsibility
Banyan Tree Holdings Limited Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008

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Embracing the Environment Empowering People
As a socially responsible business, Banyan Tree was founded with the core value of driving sustainable development. With the call to arms of embracing the environment and empowering the people, the Company seeks to continue being an agent of social and economic development through responsible tourism. Banyan Tree’s triple bottom line (economy, society and environment) helps direct the Company’s sustainable development by inspiring associates, guests, and partners to take a wider consideration encompassing a long term view when making business decisions.

Banyan Tree Holdings Limited Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008


Executive Chairman’s Message
Since our founding, Banyan Tree has sought to promote, embrace and uphold the idea of travel with a conscience. Even as the business climate faces unprecedented challenges from the devastating decline of the modern banking and financial systems worldwide, we remain committed to carefully considered concepts and sustainable practices at as many levels as possible. Consumers today are now more aware of a product’s development, and corporate image is no longer just a reflection of the product, but instead encompasses the corporate values as well. Discerning consumers today aspire more towards brands that share the values they embrace. By integrating core values and social beliefs into the signature Banyan Tree experience, we go beyond our company’s exemplary service and idyllic settings. The highest standards of comfort are linked to ecological awareness as a way of life; even today this is still a rare combination in tourism. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we share these values with over 5,000 organisations in different fields and concerns around the world. A uniform challenge facing all hotel operators and developers, the pressure continues to mount to maintain profitability and return against the backdrop of increasing development costs. Banyan Tree however is uniquely placed as we are one of the few and probably the only Asian fully vertically integrated hospitality company. As developers ourselves with our own in-house designers and project managers, we are able to take a more complete view of every project that we undertake seeing a project from both a developer’s and a hotelier’s point of view. This holistic appreciation allows us to balance the competing needs of delivering a top tier product to our guests with creating a return for our shareholders. Furthermore the approach ensures our values remain embedded in all stages of the development of any project, enabling us as we seek the optimal equilibrium to create value for all stakeholders. Yours Sincerely

Mr Ho KwonPing Executive Chairman


Banyan Tree Holdings Limited Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008

CSR Strategy Committee Chairperson’s Message
Welcome to our third Banyan Tree Sustainability Report, a milestone as we look back on the year 2008 and our increased presence on the global scale. In 2008, we witnessed the unfolding events that caused the world economy to stutter if not stall. Among the key reasons for this was the inescapable fact that investors and financial markets had failed to exercise restraint and responsibility in the pursuit of wealth. In the collapse of the financial systems as we know them, businesses come face to face with the truism that profitable and sustainable growth has to be managed with good leadership values. Markets need some...
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