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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Sir Frederick Grant Banting
I. Introducing Banting
Sir Frederick Grant Banting, was a Canadian medical scientist, doctor and Nobel laureate noted as one of the main founding fathers of insulin. In 1923 Banting and Macleod received the Nobel prize in medicine. As of September 2011, Banting, whom had received the Nobel Prize at age of 32, remains the youngest Nobel prize winner in the area of physiology and medicine. The Canadian government then gave him a lifetime amount of money to use broadly for his research. Afterwards in 1934 Banting was knighted by King George being a fitting tribute to a discovery that had repercussions around the world. This paper is going to emphasize the work of Frederick Grant Banting on his road and journey to the discovery of insulin. II. Decision to Become a Doctor

Banting was not a brilliant student in school, but he had boundless curiosity and worked very hard. When he was young he was walking home from school and witnessed a terrible accident. Two men working on a roof of a house and the scaffold had collapsed to the ground. Banting had ran to fetch a doctor and stayed watch closely and attentively as he dressed their wounds. He decided then and there to become a doctor. (Robert) At the age of 14 one of his dear friends Jane passed away and influenced his life. She had diabetes and there was nothing he could do to stop her pointless death. Banting then later on was the one to discover the cure to diabetes, the discovery of insulin, the first true miracle drug.

III. Birth of an Idea
In October 1920, Dr. Banting was an unknown surgeon with a bachelor's degree in medicine. He had thought of an idea while reading a medical journal that the pancreatic digestive juices could be harmful to the secretion of the pancreas which was produced by the islets of Langerhans. (Scott 711) His idea was then aimed at isolating the internal secretion of the pancreas. He had then remembered from his lectures at medical school that this...
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