Banoful Co. in Sylhet

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1.0 Introduction:
This report is prepared as a requirement of the course “Principles of Marketing.” In our country Banoful & Co. Ltd is doing very well business. So many competitors are in this sector. Lots of new sweetmeats companies entered this market. From all of them we select Banoful & Co. Ltd. Though it is a sweetmeat company, it has proved itself in the related industry as a major competitor. In this report we have followed the guidelines provided by the teacher.

This is the report comes from our MKT-224 subject. The Course instructor Mr. Md. Jahangir Alam orally authorized the task of preparing the report to a group of student. He gave this report to learn the way to analyze the sweetmeat marketing in Sylhet. To follow the syllabus of our subject, this topic comes forward. So, we have to do some relevant study based on our report. 1.2 Objective:

The broad objective of this report is to provide an overview of Banoful & Co. Ltd. The specific objective of this report is to provide information about sweetmeats marketing of Banoful & Co. Ltd. in Sylhet. 1.3 Scope:

We worked on Banoful & Co. Ltd. As our topic of report. We went to Dargah Gate, Sylhet branch of Banoful & Co. Ltd.

1.4 Limitation:
For prepare this report we faced some barriers. When we went to collect information about Banoful & Co. Ltd in the branch, for being busy they did not give information in the afternoon. So, we had to go in evening to gather info. That’s the only limitation of this report. In Sobhanighat branch, they do not provide any information. 1.5 Source of Data:

For our report we collect data for finding & analysis. We also collected some data from the internet. 1.6 Methodology:
We follow a particular method for collecting data to complete the report accurately. We use primary data for this report. At first we prepared a questionnaire. Then we went to one of the branch of Banoful & Co. Ltd.

2.1 Company information & History:
Banoful Group, established in 1989, they are an exporter of Bangladesh Other Seasonings & Condiments products.  With the vision to provide the nutritious and healthy food stuff Banoful & Company Ltd starts its journey in the year of 1990. The Company got the certificate of incorporation in 28 March, 1990. The Registration number is CHC 652/131of 1990 from the joint Stock Commission under Commerce Ministry. After the successful operation in a limited arena in the year 1995 the company started the commercial production. Customer satisfaction and fast introducer of modern technology in food industry along with innovation of different type of taste created the success path for the company. Satisfaction and fast introducer of modern technology in food industry along with innovation of different type of taste created the success path for the company. They have exported products to many other countries, such as- Southeast Asia, Mid East, and Eastern Asia. Our main business goal is to provide top quality products for our customers. 2.2 Product:

Banoful & Company Ltd has mainly three types of products, they are- i) Sweet
ii) Confectionary
iii) Fast-food
2.2.1 Sweet:
The main product of Banoful & Company Ltd is sweetmeats. Mainly, they has 150-280 kinds of sweets items, of them they do not produce all kinds of sweets. Some kinds of sweets they occasionally produce. Normally, they produce 120-150 kinds of sweets daily. The most necessary raw-materials are milk, sugar & butter. They collect milk from dairy firms, & sugar & butter from the market. Normal type of sweets has a high demand. On the occasions of results, Pohela Boishakh, birthday, & marriage, there is high demand of their sweet products in the market. On Other days in the year; such as- in rainy day, there is low demand of their sweet products in the market. ....
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