Banning the Use of Firearms

Topics: Firearm Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Anti-Gun Control
Firearms are often used to defend and protect citizens. Banning the use of firearms will not better our society because crime rates will stay the same or even decrease, gun control laws may not follow through, and people still use guns to provide food for their families. The right to private property (guns) is not absolute in the constitution. Citizen’s right to own and bear arms must be balanced by a greater need for safety (Warfel, 2000). The idea of taking firearms away to make the nation safer is understood but justified. It is said that half of all US households own at least one gun and roughly 30,000 people die yearly from a gunshot wound (2013). However, firearm incidents have declined 40% since 1992. In the book “More guns, less crime” by Dr. John R. Lott, he states in the 1990s more guns were produced and bought while murder rates and accidental gun deaths decreased by 40% (Lott, 1997). This demonstrates that guns help lower crime rates. The number of guns being produced in the United States or US has increased. At the same time, crime rates have drastically decreased. Criminologist Gary Kleck claimed that crime victims who defend themselves with guns are less likely to be injured or lose property than victims who either did not resist, or resisted without guns. This was found to be true even though victims using a gun faced more dangerous circumstances either in robberies and assaults. According to the Gun Owners Foundation, as many as 200,000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse (Administrator, 2008). Women feel protected when they are able to defend themselves with a firearm; it gives them a better way to self-defend themselves. Also, in Vermont, citizens do not need permission to carry a gun. Yet, Vermont has remained one of the top five safest states in the union. This demonstrates that carrying a gun can make a safer environment. One poll by the Justice department states 74% of felons agree that...
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