Banning Smoking .Yes or No?

Topics: Passive smoking, Smoking, Lung cancer Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: March 30, 2008
Opinionated Paper #1

Should Louisiana Government be allowed to ban smoking in public places?

If smoking is allowed in public places then the freedom of the non smoker is taken away. If we don’t allow smoking in public places then the smoker’s freedom is then restricted. Therefore banning smoking is a decision between the health of a whole nation versus the freedom of a minority. Which is more important? The millions of people that die from second hand smoke or the smoker who always has that cup of coffee and a quick smoke during their lunch break. It is not fair that the non smokers choose not to smoke by but in public he or she has no choice when it comes to smoking because of second hand smoke. Therefore the Louisiana Government should ban smoking in public places. For years smokers have had the advantage to light up whenever they felt like, may it be at work, inside a restaurant, at a park or while walking down the street. What about the non-smoker who always has to respectfully get up and move tables every times someone lights up, or the couple that covers their nose while walking down the street to avoid the smoke traveling in front of them, And let’s not forget the children who are easily sickened and is forced to play in the sand while someone’s father is having a quick smoke on the bench at the park. Smoking should definitely be banned on the non smoker behalf. It is worse for those that work in a bar, café or a restaurant. They have no way of escaping that dirty stale cigarette smell, and it’s not fair. Everyday people are forced to inhale and live in these conditions while looking forward to a negative effect on their health. Banning smoking will not only benefit the life of the non smoker but it will also improve the smoker’s health and encourage them to quit smoking. Smoking and second hand smoking has been linked to a continuous list of health problems; asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, heart disease and many more. According to the EPA second...
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