Banning Plastic Bag

Topics: Nutrition, Greenhouse gas, Tax Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: April 15, 2013
According to Article 2 Against :” Banning Plastic Bags”, taxes and bans don’t work, based on several reasons below. The communities thought that banning and taxing plastic bags would decrease the environmental problems. However, they had an opposite effect. After a 2002 tax on grocery bags in Ireland, consumers have used 10 percent more plastic bags than they did in Ireland’s pre-tax days. In San Francisco, people switch using plastic bags to paper bags was caused by San Francisco’s ban on plastic bags. Therefore, it caused 70 percent more energy to manufacture, 50 percent more greenhouse gas emissions and create five times more waste than plastic bags. Furthermore, people trying replace plastic bags with compostable bags and ban plastic bags won’t provide for recycling products. In general, instead of banning or taxing on plastic bags, promoting the recycling of plastic bags will decrease litter, save valuable resource and energy or keep environment safe.

According to Article 2 :For junk food in schools, junk food has been banned in several years after which caused a decrease of childhood obesity. Furthermore, schools in Seattle have been giving more healthy foods in vending machines. Importantly, the restrictions allow milk, natural fruit juice, etc…to be sold in schools. However, it seems students are also ignoring the vending machines, including those fresh foods. Therefore, this reason made profits of associated student body (ASB) decrease this year. Actually the policy, which was established to ban junk food in school, was approved in 2004. In this situation, this approved policy effected bad on ASB’s fund and government will be supposed to repay; however, this policy which has a positive impact, means to make kids stay away from junk food and prevent obesity issues.
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