Banning of Junk Food

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Junk food Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: June 4, 2011

Should Junk food be banned from Schools
Brooke A. Alderete
West Coast University

Banning junk food from schools has become the focus for child obesity. Many argue that there should a freedom of choice and that junk food has always been in schools so why would it be the reason for an increase in child obesity. Others respond by saying the lunches contain more sodium and fat and an increase in vending machines on school campuses make it easier for students to get junk food at any time. Junk food does play a very important role in children’s lives and type 2 diabetes is on the rise. Junk food from schools is only half the battle and the other is what parents feed their children. Students eat lunch at school five times a week and breakfast, dinner, and weekend meals are decided by parents, so a ban on junk food in schools wouldn’t have a great enough impact on the diets of children.

Obesity is on the rise in America and “studies show that children are three times as likely to be overweight than they were twenty years ago” (Majumdar, 2011). It can cut the life span of a person with diseases like “type 2 diabetes that is on the rise in children” (Majumdar, 2011). and “heart disease and stroke that are more common in obese adults” (Majumdar, 2011 ). Tooth decay and vitamin deficiencies also play a role associated with junk food. High sugar food can make your teeth rot and foods that hold no nutritional value can result in deficiencies a child needs to develop and grow. Children with parents that are considered to be a normal weight are less likely to be overweight compared to children that have overweight parents. “Banning all junk food from a la carte lines during school lunch hours would result in an 18 percent reduction in overweight or obese students” ( Smith, 2010). A ban in school junk food could make some difference in a...
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