Banning of Books

Topics: First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Human rights, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Written stories have been around for a long time. For as long as humans have walked the earth they have been capturing their lives in pictures, symbols and words. Some stories were saved on cave walls and some on leaves but eventually stories started to be composed on paper and saved in books. As soon as books started to be published they were critiqued and some were eventually banned. Books have been banned for several different reasons such as containing inappropriate language, racism, or demonic themes. Some people are in favor of banning books and some people are against it. Although some feel it is appropriate to ban books containing inappropriate material for certain age groups books should not be able to be banned because reading increases awareness and literacy, it is against freedom of speech, and reading is a more educational source of entertainment than television.

Some books are banned because they have been deemed age inappropriate. Certain people feel banning these types books protects young readers from being exposed to inappropriate elements such as foul language, suggestive themes, or drugs. That is why schools ban books. Young children do not need to be exposed to these things. Children grow up fast enough and books with inappropriate materials only speeds up the process of them losing their innocence. Despite the potential for inappropriate language, written text provides a great source of entertainment for readers.

Nowadays the most common source of entertainment is television. This relatively new technology has rapidly spread in popularity. Television provides viewers a visual story experience in many different forms such as drama, comedy, action, or adventure. These types of stories can be experienced through reading, as well. But, reading requires people to use more of their imagination as they interpret the story. This is why many feel reading is more educational than watching television. However, if a book gets banned readers will...
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