Banksia Case Study

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Executive Summary2
1. Introduction – Banksia Health Service3
2. Strategic HRM-Performance Model (Nankervis, et al, 2005)3 3. Identifying HR Challanges at Banksia4
1. Lack of consistency4
2. Lack of understanding HR and its importance5
3. Lack of strategic management of HR policies and training5 4. Lack of communication5
4. Understanding the HR Challenges and Possible Solutions6 5. Recommendations7
1. HR department8
2. Job Analysis of the HR Manager8
1. Recruitment and Selection8
2. Training and Development8
3. Compensation and Benefits8
4. Employee Relations9
5. Rules and Regulations9
6. Conclusion9
Executive Summary
Banksia is a medium-sized hospital based in a rural area which has expanded to now having several sites spread over a larger geographical area. Due to a less-than-stellar review and having been found to have been engaging industrial relations disputes, the organisation restructured to introduce a more decentralised organisational structure. Banksia was also shown to be behind in HR policies and procedures.

Using the Strategic HRM-Performance Model by Nankervis, et al, 2005 as a guide, four sources of HR challenges were identified, that is, a lack of consistency, understanding of HR, of strategic management of HR policies and training, and a lack of communication.

The below case analysis looks into each afore mentioned challenge, and attempts to provide alternative strategies and solutions from studying the model and its understanding of HR and its relation to business performance and bottom line.

In conclusion, it was found that for Banksia, it is highly recommended that a HR department be created and headed by a strong HR manager to ensure consistent and accurate relaying of HR policies and procedures to prevent misconceptions and unfairness.

1. Introduction – Banksia Health Service
According to the case study, Banksia is a medium-sized hospital based in a rural location employing around 500 people. The organisation provides community, acute and aged care services and now has several sites spread over a large geographical area.

Due to lack lustre review and being found to be engaging in industrial relations disputes and being behind in HR policies and procedures, the organisation introduced a decentralised organisational structure, where there is to be a conscious and systematic effort to bring dispersal of decision-making authority to the lower levels of the organisation, and in doing so, the senior management team were employed in key functional areas.

2. Strategic HRM-Performance Model (Nankervis, et al, 2005)

Referring to the strategic HRM-performance model developed by Nankervis, Compton and Baird (2005), and relating it to the case study at hand, four primary issues or sources of HR challenges can be identified with Banksia. There is a lack of consistency, a lack of understanding of HR, a lack of strategic management of HR policies and training, and a lack of communication.

With the assumption that following the model, there would be ideal strategic organisational outcomes, the organisational bottom-line would be achieved and business performance would be optimal, the following elements can be seen to be missing or underperforming for Banksia.

There is a lack of understanding on the organisational characteristics of the company, such as the vision, mission of HR as well as the importance of stakeholders. This leads to both HRM Strategies and Organisational Business Strategy, and this is where Banksia is deficient in having a consistent and clear HR message across the levels in the organisation. They are weak in the different HRM strategies listed in the model.

Part of a the HRM-Performance model is understanding the dynamic organisational...
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