Banks and Credit System of Exchange

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Bank and Credit system of Exchange

Definition of Banks—Banks are financial institutions that help people to save and borrow money.In a growing economy, the banks help to create a new pool of money to be ised for other economic activities.They complement the money or cash system of exchange with the system of credit. History of Banking in the Philippines

During the pre-colonial period, Filipinos also saved and borrowed money, but usually this was done by families, relatives of tribal leaders.The oldest written relic of our precolonial past is the famous Laguna Copperplate inscriptin (LCI), which contains a record of a debt payment in 900A.D.It proves that we have a longt tradition of honoring our debts in our culture. Modern banking, as we know it, really began with the coming of the Europeans. The first credit organizations were the Obras Pias(pious work), created by the Spanish colonial government starting in the 16th century. It is interesting to know that the early Catholics in the Philippines were taught how to tithe(give 10 percent of income to the church).Thus, thye early church in the Philippines was able to collect a fund od money, and its growth and good works increased tremendously. The first general bank in Southeast Asia was the Banco Español-Filipino (now known as Bank of the Philippine Islands), which opened in 1851.It was given authority to issue bank notes.Soon, other banks were opened.The Catholic Church anf their trustees owned and operated most banks during the Spanish colonial period. During the American period, more banks began operations. In 1906, the government established postal savings banks all over the country to bring banking closer to the people.This Promoted the habit of thrift and savings among low-income groups. Now Americans, Chinese and Filipinos also entered the picture. In 1916 the philippine National Bank was organized. Other banks which followed were the China Banking Corporation and the Philippine Bank of...
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