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1. assets minus liabilities, also called net worth . In a sole proprietorship, it is the owner's equity. In a corporation, it is stockholders' equity . 2. any right to assets; property right; a liability. An equity holder may be a creditor, stockholder, or proprietor. -------------------------------------------------

Source: SIDBI

* Mr. Sushil Muhnot is the chairman of SIDBI since April 4, 2012.[2] * Set up on April 2, 1990
* independent financial institution aimed to aid the growth and development of micro, small and medium-scale enterprises -------------------------------------------------

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development|
| |
Logo of NABARD| Headquarters in Mumbai|
Headquarters| Mumbai, Maharashtra, India|
Established| 12 July 1982 [1]|
Chairman| Dr. Prakash Bakshi [2]|

India's fiscal deficit during the April-November period was 4.13 trillion rupees ($76.2 billion), or 80.4 percent of the budgeted full fiscal year 2012/13 target, government data showed on Monday. -------------------------------------------------

During the same period in the previous fiscal year, the deficit was 85.6 per cent of the budget target.

A currency with a value that fluctuates as a result of the country's political or economic uncertainty. As a result of the of this currency's instability, foreign exchange dealers tend to avoid it. Also known as a "weak currency".

Read more: A country's currency which is not acceptable in exchange for currency of other countries, due to unrealistic exchange rates.

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A currency, usually from a highly industrialized country, that is widely accepted around the world as a form of payment for goods and services

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