Bankruptcy in America: Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Federal Deficit

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Bankruptcy America: Fraud, waste, abuse and the federal deficit “The American republic will endure until the day congress discovers that it can bribe the republic with their money” as stated by Alexis de Tocqueville. We as Americans take many privileges for granted. We want so much and will do the least amount of work to get it-and our government does the same. Fraud, waste, and abuse has made this country engulf itself into self pity and has conned the government into thinking that this method is the only way for it to function. Continuous over sight will bring this country to its knees and we will be forced to succumb to the highest bidder. Fraud and abuse has a big part in our medical system. Every year more and more money goes into Medicare without regard to accountability. Michael Sparrow, a top specialist in health care fraud at Harvard university- says “that estimates by federal auditors do not measure all types of fraud. He believes that as much as 20 percent of federal health program budgets are consumed by fraud and abuse, which would be about $85 billion a year for Medicare”. Federal housing, student loans, and unemployment benefits are more hot spots for abuse and fraud. Americans need to step back and see what they’re doing to themselves and to each other. We as a people will only fully understand what’s happening once they understand the cause to these issues. Greed and desire has always been the mixture for fraud and abuse. Politicians and other government officials are the cause to most of the deficit problems. Budget spending and subsidy programs are the supplementary leaders to the U.S. deficit. According to “there are more than 1800 federal subsidy programs”. Continuous spending with taxpayer money and no representation on how the money is being spent is just an abuse of power. If we let these elected officials spend our money without our knowledge then well be the only ones to feel the effects. China...
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