Banking System

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Internet Banking

Banks are the most safest & popular place of investment among people. More than 65-70% people invest in banks for their interest.More over there is a least risk possibility to invest in various schemes of banks. For this kind of popularity banks have also introduced different kinds of schemes, facilities, technologies by which they can help & and provide an easy system so that they can rely on banks more. One of the most popular technology that have been widely used for banking is the “INTERNET BANKING”. Internet banking means banking through internet, one can access his accounts ,can make different transaction like saving, recurring fixed through internet. There is no need of a particular customer to come to a specific bank for his transactions he/she can use the internet in home for his transactions. Internet Banking Coves up the following facilities:-

• Saving Transaction
• Recurring Transaction • Fixed deposit Transaction • Current Account Transaction • Account Transfer

• Money Transfer
• Loan transactions & payments • Bill payments (telephone,electric) • Premium payments

• Card transactions
• Ticket Booking
• Management of share Profile etc

o Objective

The application which I ham going to develop is a protype model of a “Internet Banking” system. I am trying to project all the features of the system like 1. Saving
2. Fixed
3. Recurring Deposit
4. Current Account
5. Money Transfer
6. Loan transaction
7. Card transaction
8. Bill & Due payments
9. Ticket puchasing
10. Share Maintanence

I will also include the security features of Internet Banking & so that actual facility of the system can be found. The most important features of a internet banking is
1. Time Saving
2. Easy Banking
3. Easy Information collection about the banks.

RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

RDBMS because I am using SQL SERVER 2000 is a rdbms application & features of RDBMS are • Large Database and Space Management Control
• Ability to create multiple relations and enter data into them. • An Interactive Query Language.
• Retrieval of information from more than one table.
• Concurrent database users.
• High transaction processing performance
• Industry accepted standards
• Manageable security
• Database enforces integrity
• Client / Server environment
• Distributed Database systems
• Portability
• Compatibility
• Connectivity
WEB DEVELOPMENT because I am using ASP.NET for the development of the project more over IIS will also be used for the execution of the project.

System Analysis is the process of gathering & interpreting facts, diagnosing facts and using the information to recommended improvement to the system. Disussion About The Project
The project deals with the Internet Banking . The system cover up the following points

1. Saving
Get information of saving accounts & transfer of amt to another account through money transfer, get information about different types of transaction done in the account. 2. Fixed...
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