Banking Industry Financial Analysis Ppt

Topics: Bank, Electronic commerce, Credit card Pages: 30 (8355 words) Published: March 25, 2013

A Project Report
“AN ANALYSIS ON ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEM AND ITS PROBLEMS” Submitted for partial fulfillment of award of
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Submitted by:
Fourth Semester (MBA 2009-11)
Dayanand Academy of Management Studies, Kanpur

Under the able Supervision of:
Dayanand Academy of Management Studies, Kanpur

TopicsPage No.
Declaration 4
Certificate from the Institute 5
Preface 6
Industry Introduction 7-25
* Introduction of Banking7-9
* Key Findings 10
* Key Issues And Facts Analyzed 11
* Key Players Analyzed 12
* Technology In Banking 13
* The Tipping Point 14
* Pressing Issues 15-16
* Redefining Objectives 17-22
* Evolving It 22-25
Introduction of E-Commerce Payment System 26-41
* E-Commerce Payment System 26
* Credit Cards And Smart Cards 27-29
* Electronic Bill Presentment And Payment 29-31 * Electronic Payment Schemes 32-33
* Payment Protocol Models 33-36
* Electronic Commerce Payments 36-41
Related Work 41-42 Top 10 Players in Banking & Finance 43-52 Objective of Study/Need of Study 53-55
* Contribution To The Academics 53
* Contribution To The Industry 54
* Contribution To The Society 55
Research Methodology 56-59
Limitations 59
Data Presentation 60-71
Findings and Suggestions 72
Conclusion 73
Bibliography 74
Annexure (Questionnaire) 75-78

I Ankita Srivastava the student of Dayanand Academy of Management Studies, Kanpur studying in MBA hereby declare that the work done by me in project titled “AN ANALYSIS ON ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEM AND ITS PROBLEMS” is original and completed to the best of my knowledge and belief. No copy of it has been submitted to any other University for award of any other degree/diploma/fellowship or on similar title.

Ankita Srivastava


Final research project is an attempt to provide the student a practical input and exposure to the real world situation in which he/she has to work in future. My research project report on “A Study on Electronic Payment System and Its Problems” was an attempt in this regard. The research project report has thoroughly revised & made up to date. The contents have been strengthened up date & modified to improve clearly & arouse enthusiastic interest in the subject of finance. Figures, chart, diagram, models, tables etc. Liberally used to easily understand the complex thing. The extract of the work is presented in this report under various heading that includes Industry profile, research objective, research design, data collection method, Sampling design, analysis and interpretation, results, conclusion and suggestions. Lastly Mr. Shwet Saxena who has allotted me this project work of skilful labor. ANKITA SRIVASTAVA


When we talk about the future, it is necessary to have a time horizon in mind. The Committee felt, it would be rather difficult to visualize the landscape of banking industry say, 20 years hence due to the dynamic environment. While Government of India brought out India Vision 2020, the Committee is of the view that the pace of changes taking place in the banking industry and in the field of Information Technology would render...
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