Banking in the North

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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The potential career path that has been planned is to become a manager at a bank firm. This position oversees the daily operations of the bank and guides the junior staffs in their individual departments. The bank managers works closely with the marketing team, in order to develop flexible programs for the customers (Hierarchy Structure, 2012). This is the most ideal employment situation because 1) It has consistent and reliable working hours

2) Interaction with fellow co-workers and customers
3) Salary of about $50,000 or more and A Competitive Atmosphere. Yet the question remains if this is the most ideal employment situation in the Northern part of Canada. There will be numerous differences and challenges in obtaining a job due to the society, culture and environment of the North. In order to achieve a position as a Bank Branch Manager, there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled. The common requirements needed are a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration or finance, at least 5 years of experience in financial services, previous experience as a loan officer, financial analyst or assistant branch manager, strong accounting, strong customer service, communication skills, good decision making abilities, computer skills with accounting software and Microsoft office and an understanding of federal and provincial regulations (Education Portal, 2013). Attending university will help attain the education and skills needed to move up the bank hierarchy. Most importantly the Bachelor of Commerce Degree will fulfill the first requirement needed for a Bank Manager. The next step in the career path would be to gain some banking experience. In order to attain experience at a bank, an option would be to begin as a bank teller or a loan officer. Starting off at this position will offer a general knowledge of the banking industry. As an individual work as a bank teller or loan officer, it may be beneficial to...
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